The Disease

The growing menace of Lyme disease (LD), transmitted via bites of infected ticks affects over 300,000 individuals in the US annually. If not detected and differentiated from other tick-borne diseases and treated definitively during early infection, Lyme disease can cause irreversible and debilitating consequences. Enable Biosciences is using its ADAP technology to develop a highly sensitive and specific assay to identify and differentiate Lyme from other tick-borne infections at the earliest possible stage, enabling effective therapy to improve patient outcomes and reduce severe chronic disease.

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Quick facts

  • Lyme disease is transmitted by tick bites

  • 300,000 new cases per year

  • Can cause debilitating effects if not treated early

  • Current tests (two-tier Western blot) have poor performance in early stages

  • Enable Biosciences’ ADAP technology may permit improved early detection and treatment

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